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Why list with Mark Ahmad

Because you “Expect the best!”

  • We bring you more buyers!
    Our website,  Mark Ahmad, provides listings with the 24 hour global exposure necessary in today’s real estate market.  Our national, regional, and local advertising focuses on high profile exposure in your neighborhood. In addition, our local newspaper presence attract eager buyers by the thousands.
  • Our top sales associates!
    We have a network of over 70,000 sales associates in more than 3,000 offices nationwide and a growing presence worldwide. Our associates are highly trained professionals – we recruit the best in the industries, and offer them continuing education and skill enhancement through our continuing education university.
  • Our Results – Oriented Products and Services! We will walk you through every aspect of the system used to sell your home – including the market strategy, competitive market analysis, negotiations, and follow-up.  You will also receive our analysis, negotiations, and follow-up.  You will also receive our seller services guarantee, which promises you 22 distinct services that we will implement in the process of successfully selling your home. Mark Ahmad makes the entire real estate experience better for our customer -  and we guarantee it in writing.
    Dear Seller:



    If you are selling your property and looking for real estate broker with knowledge, quality service, strong prospective, experience, professional opinion and consistent performance, I am among the finest brokers that is capable of providing such and serving you.

    The following credentials summary will help you know how I conduct my business.

    in effort to have the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.



    How do I conduct my Real Estate Services?


    Why should you hire me as your Real Estate Broker?


    What can my experience offer you when selling your property?


    How do my services compare with other alternatives?


    What makes me among the best as a professional in this industry?


    How many effective ways can I use to market your property?


    When selling your property?


    Want to short sell your property?





    How Do I Conduct My Services?


    I provide service based on principle, honesty, communication, smart diligent hard work integrating with responsibilities and professionalism, knowledge and high level of experience in the real estate market.


    I have the knowledge of the market no matter where you are selling whether it is in the city of Chicago or any of the Suburbs.


    My office is equipped with all the best and up to date technologies and I am skilled to serve you with and at best.


    Why Should You Hire Me as Your Real Estate Broker?


    • I will suggest the right listing price of your property according to the market conditions not according to what you like to hear.
    • I know the important things I should do when I list your property.
    • I have done business very much everywhere in the city, and suburbs.
    • I am full time real estate broker, and do take my profession an education as much as earning of living.
    • I have the experience to support my business opinion providing productivity in serving you.
    • I will stay in communication with you through all marketing and selling processes and provide the expertise through all phases.
    • Monitor the market price change and trend where the subject is located so you and I can keep the subject property competing with the others.
    • Fully aware of my ethical duties to clients and industry.
    • Represent you effectively with total quality management concept.
    • My objective is to serve you at best and provide best results and not just overprice the listing of your property.
    • Accurate listing price to start with and will assist you on how to present your property to the market.
    • Name recognition in the industry.






    What can my experience offer you as your Real Estate Broker?


    • Strong experienced opinion on selling prices.
    • Annual marketing budget to promote my business.
    • Yearly events advertisements around the Chicago land area and neighboring Suburbs.
    • Monthly direct mail consisting of flyers, postcards and brochures.
    • Periodic productive advertisements with other different type of businesses, allowing maximum exposure for my business.
    • Continuously engaged in social and civic events where I can create contacts for the business.
    • Display ads in local stores and restaurants.
    • Conducting business in professional manners providing productivities.
    • Persistence in follow ups with clients and callers in effort to reach as many people as possible.
    • Weekly e-mails campaign to potential buyers
    • Networking with other brokers, professionals, attorneys, loan officers, inspectors, builders, contractors, dentists, and physicians to take your calls and answer your questions free of charges out of the real estate world.
    • Much more of other avenues.


    How do my services compare with other alternatives?


    Prior to the real estate sales field and for many years I have managed apartment buildings in Chicago downtown and during those years, I have always produced much more than the annual projected budget for more than 15- locations and was able to create and maintain great business relationships with everyone I worked for, with, and worked for me.

    When I am hired to serve your real estate needs I am certain I will provide you with the finest services and needed results and will:


    • Always provide you with the market condition information and advise you accordingly.
    • Will always answer or return your call within short time every day 8:15 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. including Sundays.
    • Honest opinion on the listing price of your property.
    • Will always work as enthusiastic the first day we met and will never be tired to show as many properties as you need and will not ask you to decide unless you are sold on what you like.

    What makes me among the best as Real Estate Broker in this industry?


    • I have closed all type of transactions from low $31,000 to high $17,800,000 and have done residential and commercial transactions in city and all Suburbs with full knowledge of city and Suburbs real estate trend and price accuracy.
    • I am in the real estate market every hour of the day which provides me the knowledge of the market condition of listing and selling prices that I need to serve you.
    • Every transaction is a learning experience for me from presenting an offer through the negotiations till it closes regardless of my strong business record and I then let the next buyer and seller benefit when applicable.
    • Easy to work with and good to work for you.


    How many effective ways can I use to market your property?


    • Monthly direct post cards.
    • Quarterly news letters.
    • Monthly commercial post cards.
    • Sundays open houses.
    • 7-Days a week service and showings.
    • Sign in front of the property.
    • Install lockbox on the property to aid in showings during your absence if accepted to you.
    • Multiple-Listing Service showing the details of your property to all real estate offices in the state of Illinois.
    • Placing your property on many websites such as:



    Will I understand your needs and wants?


    I will always understand your needs and work with you as one team no matter of the hour or the day and will continue to show your property with full energy and enthusiastic the first day we met at anytime the buyer or buyer’s agent request.


    I will always update you on any new and price changes with the surroundings of the subject so we can keep your property competing with others.


    When Selling Your Home


    Among the important elements you should know when selling your property are the following:


    • An accurate listing price to start with.
    • When should you take a second look at your listing price?
    • What should your role be when a prospective buyer is viewing your house?
    • How feedbacks from prospective buyers help?
    • When is the best time to hold an “Open House”?
    • What is the best color to paint your house with?
    • Should you consider every offer seriously or not?
    • What does “Below Market Price” mean?
    • What does the “Asking Price” mean?
    • When is the best time to sell?
    • Is it a good idea to list your house in the winter?
    • Will a pre-home inspection help sell your house?
    • Should you leave your home on the market for a long time?
    • What does cutting commission mean?
    • What makes property value tick?









    What Does Short Sale Mean? and

    Do You Want to Short Sale Your Property?


    Short sale means selling your property for less money than what you owe the bank.  In another statement when seller’s lender accepts to take less than the amount seller owes to his lender to avoid foreclosure.  The differences between what you sell the property for and the remaining balance owed to the lender is called “forgiven amount” but the IRS may call it “debt relief” income. So keep in mind you may be liable to report the forgiven amount as taxable income although every situation is different and it is best to consult with your accountant or tax advisor  before conducting  short sale to determine potential liability if any.


    Short sale is practical method to avoid foreclosure and restart your financials and in today’s market condition short sale became realty and part of the real estate market.


    Short sale file working person on behalf of the seller needs to devote time and prepare the right file and accept to surpass all frustrating with the seller’s lender negotiator who may not know anything about the market condition and not know anything about the way transactions are handled in Illinois and further more may not want to know anything other what than he/she think they know.


    My Experience in Doing Short Sale:


    I started facilitating short sale deals back in July 2006 at which time not many agents or sellers knew what short sale means. Since then I have closed 50 short sale deals, I have top knowledge of what needed to close the short sale and no one does better it than me. I have closed transactions that were denied prior short sale.


    How Long it Takes to Have Short Sale Approved?


    According to my experience in the past 4-years with more than 50-closed short sale transactions it could take 45-days to 13-months although lenders are getting better every day in responding quicker than before.




    Hiring me to sell your property will provide you with best service!

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